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Free Systems Training Programs and Tech Support

For those who love to “Do-It-Yourself” we offer a growing number of free Video Training Programs and associated documentation, which teach you how to get started with the Super Marketing System, and how to apply and manage all of the advanced Applications that are included within it. You can also report problems and ask questions for free, by phone, email, or our Support App.


Expert Website Design and Development Services

In cases where you just can’t spend the time to Do-It-Yourself, or you have a complex design idea that you’d like to see on your WOW Website, or even if you need a custom internet application developed, our Super Support Partners can make all your Super Marketing dreams come true. Project delivery is always quite fast, which keeps project costs quite low (see our rates below).


Internet Marketing Program Management Services

If you have trouble finding the time for your Internet Marketing tasks, like setting-up social network and shopping-engine accounts, writing blog posts, finding Friends and Followers, responding to their posts and questions, or managing Email campaigns, our Super Support Partners can do the busy work for you, while you maintain editorial control (see our rates below).

No Extra Time?
Let Us Do It For You!

All of our Flat-Rate services are listed.
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STEP 1:   Renew Your Marketing Message

Consultation & Strategy Planning

Provide consultation and advice that leads to a written “road map” of your E-Marketing goals, including a detailed budget of all associated costs.


$ 99 per web page
Copy Writing & Photo Selection

Write new content or convert your existing website content into more effective “Less Is More” marketing messages (including up to 2 rewrites) while keeping the remainder for sub-pages and Blog posts. Includes selection of professional photography and/or graphics from  and/or requests for custom photography (up to 6 photos and/or graphics per page).


$499 per minute
Video Production Services

Video editing services that transform your raw video files into professional-looking MP4 video files, complete with special effects, voice-over dialogue, and animated titles (including up to 2 revisions). We can even make compelling videos from still photography using zoom-in and zoom-out animation effects.


STEP 4:   SEO and Web Advertising

$99 per listing elevation
Local Search Engine Optimization

Raise any given web page URL to a higher listing position for at least 3 different keyword searches that do not include the company name or domain name, but do include the city or area name (free setup with fees due monthly upon confirmed higher listing position at -or- -or-


$999 per listing elevation
National SEO

The same as “Local Search-Engine Optimization” but keyword searches do not include a city or area name.


10% of ad fees
Search & Social Media Advertising

Setup and administrate Pay-Per-Click advertising on Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and


10% of payouts
Affiliate Advertising

Setup and administrate Affiliate Marketing Campaigns on commission junction, clickbank, linkshare, and self-hosted affiliate applications.


STEP 2:   Website Design & Page Layouts

Super Marketing Cloud Installation*

* If you purchased a Venture Activist Kit then you already have this. Includes all the marketing apps needed for us to provide the services below.


$ 99 per website
Stock Website Design Setup

Apply stock design template with custom logo, colors, menus, page names, contact info, and basic contact forms.

– OR –

$499 per website
Custom Website Design Development

Same as Stock Website Design, but combines design elements from multiple websites.


$199 per web page
Complex Web Page Layout

Professional layout of text, photos and graphics to complete and compliment the chosen Design Layout, including embedded videos, graphic animations, and links to external websites or uploaded documents (including up to 6 photos or videos and 2 design revisions).


$ 99 per web page
Simple Web Page or Blog Layout

Layout paragraphs of text with up to 3 associated photos or videos in a simple block design (including up to 2 rewrites or design revisions).


$ 99 per website
Additional WOW Websites

Software installation and configuration of an additional WOW Website System on your existing Cloud Platform service.


STEP 5:   Social Media & Email Marketing

$ 49 per account
Social Media Marketing Setup

Register and/or setup social media account APIs, and install API keys in Super Marketing Cloud Apps.


Social Media Marketing Management

Post Blog articles and respond to comments from Blog post and up to 6 social network accounts (additional accounts are pro-rated)


$299 per month

Post once a month and respond once a day


$499 per month

Post twice a month and respond twice a day


$699 per month

Post 3 times a month and respond 3 times a day


$999 per month

Post weekly and respond 4 times a day


$ 99 per layout
Email Marketing Templates

Write and layout text and up to 3 photos in a professionally designed Email template.


 per send ($40- minimum)
Email Marketing Campaigns

Verify Opt-In Email lists, Manage Opt-Outs, and administrate bulk delivery.


STEP 3:   Domains, Email Addresses & Promotions

$ 99 per domain name
Domain Name Installation

Register or Transfer Domain Name + Install with “GeoTrust RapidSSL” Certificate (basic, inexpensive certification of 256-bit encryption with 2048-bit key). Includes setup of up to 10 Email addresses.

– OR –

$299 per domain name
Validated Domain Name Installation

Same a Domain Name Installation but with “GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV” SSL Certificate (displays green bar in browser, indicating validation of organization’s identity, physical address, and domain ownership)


$ 49 per account
Email Account Migrations

Migrate all existing and archived Email messages from your old hosting platform to the Super Marketing Cloud. Includes assistance with setting up local Email clients, and training on the use of the Super Marketing Cloud’s email and webmail systems.


$199 per campaign
Call To Action Campaigns

Write content and design layout of both popup and drop-down “Call To Action” promotions and associated Web Forms and Thank You pages. Includes instructions for administrating the associated marketing programs (free gifts, discount coupons, etc).


$ 49 per website
Web Page Redirects

Use the included “Legacy Page Redirection” tool to redirect anyone who has saved any of your old website page URLs to pages on your new website that have similar content. This will retain your current search engine rankings and prevent customer frustrations.


STEP 6:   Text Message & Direct Mail Marketing

per send ($40 minimum)
Text Message Marketing

Setup and administrate Text Message Marketing campaigns that comply with FCC regulations, including abandoned cart reminders, appointment reminders, coupon code offers, voting and polling apps, and social media links.


Direct Mail Card or Brochure Design

Write and layout text and up to 6 photos in a professionally designed Direct Mail .PDF file (including up to 2 rewrites or design revisions).


$199 per layout
Post Card  (2 sides)


$299 per layout
8½ x 11 Brochure  (2 sides)


$199 per page
Multi-Page Publications


Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

Organize lists, then print and send Direct Mail pieces to recipients (includes postage).


60¢ each
Post Cards


$1 each
8½ x 11 Brochures


25¢ per page
Multi-Page Publications



$ 40 minimum
Quick Projects

Any Project or Live Training that takes less than a half-hour.


$ 75 per hour*
Extended Projects

Any Project or Live Training that takes over a half-hour.


$100 per hour*
CRM Data Migrations

Migrate all existing and archived data from your old CRM to the Super Marketing Cloud’s Super CRM.


$150 per hour*
Application Development

Custom software programming including application design, development, and quality assurance.


* Fixed quotes can be provided in advance, based upon the hourly rate


We’ve got a dual-purpose company that provides landscaping for half the year and Christmas Decor during the other half, and that means running two alternating marketing campaigns for both. The Super Marketing Cloud has simplified this process by giving us the “do it yourself” capability to change the homepage twice a year, make updates whenever we want, and easily integrate the outside E-marketing professionals who manage our social media campaigns for us, and they love the system too! Definitely one of the best investments we’ve ever made.

Kim Poulin

Marketing Director, Picture Perfect Landscape

Our new website is complete and we love how it automatically reformats the content to fit on a desktop/laptop as well as a SmartPhone and Tablet. This new design does a wonderful job of combining our old web content into a minimal amount of very good looking web pages, so there’s more info on less pages (combining the exercise instructions into the photo gallery was an especially nice touch). The new e-commerce system is pretty slick too, and I’m excited about how this website can be expanded to include our future products. Love it!

Steve Hall

President, Solid Fitness LLC

We use the Super Marketing Cloud for all of our websites (including this one) and we strive to push it to its limits: big long web pages with huge photos and scroll effects, lots of interactive applications and social media integrations, and [ages still oad on a couple of seconds! The Social media tools are a godsend for simplifying our online marketing processes, and the Super CRM not only fulfills all of our sales management needs, we use it as our customer support system as well. All in all it has turned out to be everything we hope for, and more!

Kerry Power

Visionary In Chief, Venture Activism Ltd

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