What Board Portals Offer More than Video Conferencing?

Under duress, the whole world switched to remote work, physical meeting rooms were replaced by virtual ones, and communication at the coffee break with voice messages in the messenger between work. What board portals offer more than video conferencing?

The Popularity of the Board Portals in the Pandemic Era

Courses, meetings, conferences, interviews: at any time, countless events are transmitted via the Internet to an increasing number of interested people. This is a smart solution to avoid the hassle of hosting an event in a physical location, as this includes hiring staff, accommodating guests, and more.

Fortunately, using the right board portal techniques and tools makes it easy to launch and host any kind of online conference. Many brands use this strategy to build their online credibility. Others use methods to monetize these events. Whatever your purpose, the tips we highlight throughout this text will help you understand how to take advantage of this type of resource.

It is not uncommon for board portals to experience technical issues. Before starting, you should do the following:

  • Check Wi-Fi signal;
  • Turn off all unnecessary devices and ask others not to overload the network;
  • Close programs on devices that can affect the quality of the connection;
  • Disable notifications on your devices;
  • Recheck from another device what the presentation looks like.

Face-to-face meetings are not possible under lockdown conditions due to COVID-19. But even if we remember better times, online collaboration provides a higher level of convenience than live meetings. For example, when you meet with your employees and/or colleagues online, you do not need to travel to a specific location. Each participant can simply attend the meeting from the comfort of their computer – even if that computer is 1,000 miles from the other participant’s location.

This is a huge benefit of the board portal over video conferencing. It is also convenient for organizers planning large-scale events. It is difficult to accommodate 25 people in a live meeting room, but in a digital environment, space is not an issue. You may be conducting interactive workshops that include many elements such as presentations, hands-on exercises, and sessions. Or you organize an online conference with a keynote presentation and expert discussion platforms. Fortunately, you have technology at your fingertips that will ease a lot of problems for you.

The Advantages of Board Portals Over the Video Conferencing

In the midst of the pandemic, the question arose of holding meetings in absentia. Such situations clearly demonstrate the need to introduce modern digital technologies into the workflow. There is serious competition in the market of corporate solutions, while the strong competitive advantages of the system developed are affordability, scalability, and high adaptability to business processes.

With the benefits of the board meeting over the video conferencing you can:

  • Give everyone the opportunity to speak up and share their opinions during the board conference.
  • Allow everyone to actively participate in the board portal.
  • Give all invitees the ability to instantly connect to the conference, giving them easy and convenient access.
  • Collaborate with other members using interactive tools such as desktop sharing, interactive dashboard, and moderated chat.

A big plus of board portals is productive networking. Online usually does not provide for this, but we figured out how to unite conference participants and involve them in what is happening. To do this, we plan to attract professional commentators, organize general chats and random acquaintances.

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